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Artilerijas iela 40, Riga LV-1009
T.: 7314599; F.: 7314622

Our company’s basics activities are supplying of fishermen with necessary equipments. We make the cod, salmon and flounder nets for fishings vessels, workings in the Baltic sea, and also make nets and other instruments of fishing for the rivers and lakes.

We are engaged in the supply of vessels with trawl equipment  and supply with nets, ropes, groundrope and rockhopper disks, metal articles for trawls.

We also produce new trawls(ground and pelagic), repair and restore the geometry of the used trawls.

For fishermen offer the inflatable rubbers boats, different special clothes and shoe.

Our firm has a large experience in making of different nets for sporting buildings and agriculture.

More detailed information about prices, assortment, terms of order you can get on telephones (+371) 67314599.